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Safety Case Workshop

[1-Day Awareness Training]


In recent times, Singapore has joined world counterparts in ensuring the need for Safety Cases for all facilities qualified as Major Hazard Installations (MHI).

At NRG Engineering, we have always believed in keeping safety as a top priority. In continuing our efforts to do so, we have amped up our Safety Management Services to include providing Safety Case training as recommended by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore.

Our knowledge of Safety Cases is derived from our experience from working with multinational companies across the globe as well as with a pool of talented experts with years of Healthy, Safety, Environment (HSE) knowledge in their portfolio.

If your company is an MHI, and if you require consultancy on Safety Case, its needs and basic understanding of how it works, contact us for customised solutions to develop and implement your Safety Case today.

The Safety Case Workshop is based on the objectives from the topics of a Safety Case.

A Safety Case is a Case to demonstrate to authorities on how major hazards are identified, controlled and mitigated to reduce the risk to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) in order to ensure safe operations in a sustainable manner. Safety Case has been implemented in many countries in European Union such as United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Norway as well as Australia.

This workshop aims at providing a basic understanding of a Safety Case.

Who should attend?
Senior representatives from companies that deal with Major Hazard Installations (MHI), including Project Managers & Supervisors, Senior Engineers, Safety Case Leads.

Course Content – 1 Day Training

This training has been prepared to help those who operate Hazardous Installations to build and improve on the industry’s good safety record, and to take actions that will help prevent and control future catastrophic events.

Lifetime Safety Cases are about the duty holder taking more responsibility with less regulatory bureaucracy. Managing safety with the fundamentals of Safety Case. Discuss the Singapore Chapter of Safety Case Regime and the relevant rules and regulations surrounding it.

Formal Safety Assessments (FSA) is a technical assessment carried out to determine the likelihood and impact of high consequence events and to help develop corrective actions. Provide an overview of the MHI and its activities that are required in safety case submission.

The final section will focus on the Clarifications of Roles and Responsibilities, inter-relations between different parts of the safety case, how safety case can benefit in daily operational and maintenance activities and the need for continuous monitoring and improvement.

Multiple dates available.

Customisable training also available for your internal staff.

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About The Organiser
NRG Engineering is an independent consulting firm that offers worldwide appreciated, customized and efficient training programs to me the needs of both private and public sectors. NRG Engineering has built a reputation as a provider of customised project management and Technical Safety solutions for the oil and gas, mining and infrastructure industries since 2005.

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