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Bow-Tie Workshop

[1-Day Awareness Training]

The bowtie is a method that represents how hazards can be released i.e. the threats, escalate to their associated consequences, and how they are controlled and mitigated. It is generally used to identify potential failures within the operation and maintenance regime which may lead to Major Accident Events (MAE).

The purposes of Bow-Tie are:

  • Identification of the hazard release, top events and consequence of hazardous events;
  • Identification of preventive and control/mitigation measures;
  • Identification of Safety Critical Elements (hardware) and Categories of Safety Critical Elements;
  • Determination of Escalation Factor (failure of control measures) and identification of HSE Critical Tasks; and
  • Provide a tool to identify inherent failures for major accidents


  • Learn how to use Bow-Tie Analysis to determine Top Event, Threats and Consequences for major hazards;
  • Learn how to identify preventive barriers and mitigation/control barriers;
  • Learn how to identify escalation factors and barriers to prevent escalation factors;
  • Learn how to determine safety critical elements and critical activities; and
  • Preparing a proper Bow-Tie report as part of Safety Case report.

Who should attend?

  • HSE/Safety Engineer, HSE Manager, Safety Officer, Supervisor, Superintendent, Operation, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, etc.
Course Content


  • Introduction to Bow-Tie Method
  • Application of Bow-Tie in Process Industries
  • Major Accidents Events & Bow Tie Relationship
  • Generic Bow-Tie Diagram
  • Top Events, Threat and Consequences
  • Preventive Barriers and Control/Mitigation Measures
  • Exercise: Identification of Barriers for Fire/Explosion Event in Bow Tie
  • Identification of Safety Critical Element in Bow-Tie
  • Identification of Escalation Factor and HSE Critical Tasks

Group Exercise: Develop Bow-Tie for “Loss of Containment” Scenario

Multiple dates available.

Customisable training also available for your internal staff.

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