Successful Kick Start of “Leadership Coaching” Project

Having made a mark amongst our clients for successfully delivering projects and managing personnel on all levels, NRG Engineering has recently kick started a niche service of providing leadership and management coaching to senior executives.

This individual coaching programme aims to identify and fill up gaps that will help coachees improve their managerial skills.

NRG’s first-of-its-kind coaching service kicked off with a project for a well-known oil and gas player in Myanmar. From the third quarter of 2014 onwards, this nine-month long project will see our coach assist a senior executive enhance his overall performance and meet certain company requirements and targets prior to facing his promotion into a role that requires him to lead a group of people.

The programme works on developing action plans and provides mentoring, as well as training courses to the coachee wherever large skills gaps are required to be filled. Skills that will be honed on include decision making, being pro-active, presentation skills, planning and organization, budgeting for performance, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Various industry assessments and tools are used aside from the expertise of our coach, who is also the Executive Director for Education & Training at NRG Engineering. These assessment, as well as, regular progress monitoring and on-site observations further allows the client to gain an insight on a third-party analysis of the to-be-promoted executive’s current managerial skills.

Email us to find out how we can customise a coaching programme for your organisation.