Staying Aligned With Anti-Corruption Policies

At NRG Engineering, we constantly work towards reassuring our clients that their projects are in safe hands.

With the onset of globalization, a growing number of countries have introduced strict anti-corruption laws that companies are required to abide by. In line with our global outlook, as of 2018, NRG Engineering is proud to announce that our firm is fully compliant to major anti-corruption and bribery regulations.

Robust procedures following regulations in Singapore and international standards have been set in place to ensure we can prevent, detect and respond to any such issues when dealing directly with clients or with third party vendors or suppliers.

As front line managers play an important role in establishing the right kind of behaviour throughout the company, our team has been vigorously trained in ethics and compliance management. Business units have also began practicing due diligence to meet business standards and client’s criteria. Resources have been implemented and risk assessments have been carried out to ensure due diligence is met to eradicate the risks of encountering corruption and bribery occurrences.

We believe that our team’s open line of communication and transparency when managing our project deliverables are in line with global consensus on practices around anti-corruption policies.

At NRG Engineering, we strive to achieving success and delivering projects the right way.