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Project Description

FPU Joko Tole Project, FSO Hai Thach, FDPSO Azurite, FPSO Rubicon Vantage, FPSO OSX-1, FPS Kudu, FPSO Papa Terra, FPSO Sendje Berge, FPSO Espoir Ivoirien

BW Offshore, PTSC, Prosafe Production, Rubicon, CNR International

Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Congo, Ivory Coast

NRG conducted Safety Case studies. Some of the studies that we conduct are as below:

  • Hazard Analysis (HAZID, HAZOP, SIL)
  • Risk Assessment (FEA, QRA, ETRERA, ESSA, NHHA)
  • ALARP Workshop
  • Various Dispersion Analysis (Gas, Flare, Vent)
  • Predictive Noise Study
  • Safety Critical Elements (SCE) Study
  • Preparation of Operations Performance Standards

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