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Project Description

NRG Engineering used latest technologies, proven engineering methods and best industry practices to conduct safety engineering for JOKO TOLE FPU conversion by BW Offshore for TSB Field, Indonesia.

NRG Engineering prepared the Safety Case as a single document that describes the facility and the way in which the facility operates. It demonstrated that for all identified hazards, their potential effects and risks to life have been rigorously and systematically identified, and that:

  • The installation has an effective Safety Management System (SMS) to ensure safe operations.
  • All potential major hazards associated with the FPU have been identified and risks have been assessed and controlled or reduced including recovery.
  • Design and Operational performance criteria for all identified Safety Critical Elements (SCEs) have been established.

The scope of work included managing the project’s deliverables of a total of 23 safety studies, some of which included:

  • Hazard Analysis (HAZID, HAZOP, SIL)
  • Risk Assessment (FEA, QRA, ETRERA, ESSA, NHHA)
  • ALARP Workshop
  • Various Dispersion Analysis (Gas , Flare, Vent)
  • Predictive Noise Study
  • Reliability Availability and maintainability (RAM ) Study
  • Safety Critical Elements (SCE) Study
  • Preparation of Operations Performance Standards
  • Design and Operation Safety Case
  • Responsible for Project SHEAMS (Safety Health Environment Action Monitoring System) Management
  • Technical assistance for HSE / QA Coordination

Software used:

  • DNV PHAST Consequence modeling software package is used to conduct Fire and Explosion Study, Flare Heat Radiation, Flame-out Gas Dispersion Analysis
  • DNV SAFETI for Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • Event Tree Analysis (Fault Tree+) Software package, in-house spread sheet and calculations used to conduct EERA, TRIA, NHHA, ESSA, Dropped Object, Helicopter Impact Study, Flare Heat Radiation, Flame-out Gas Dispersion Analysis

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Project Details

  • Client BW Offshore
  • Tags Safety Management
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