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Project Description

FSO Hai Thach project for Bien Dong field development; PTSC; Vietnam

NRG conducted safety studies for the FSO Hai Thach for Bien Dong field development by PTSC. The scope of work included preparing project safety documents and safety case studies, as well as facilitating relevant safety workshops.

The safety case deliverables included:

  • Hazard Analysis (HAZID, HAZOP, SIL)
  • Risk Assessment (FEA, QRA, ETRERA, ESSA, NHHA)
  • ALARP Workshop
  • Various Dispersion Analysis (Gas, Flare, Vent)
  • Smoke Gas Ingress Analysis
  • Predictive Noise Study
  • Safety Critical Elements (SCE) Study
  • Dropped Objects Study
  • Helicopter Approach Analysis
  • Preparation of Performance Standards
  • Design and Operation Safety Case
  • Health Risk Analysis
  • Responsible for Project SHEAMS (Safety Health Environment Action Monitoring System) Management

Software used:

  • DNV PHAST Consequence modeling software package is used to conduct Fire and Explosion Study, Flare Heat Radiation, Flame-out Gas Dispersion Analysis
  • DNV SAFETI for Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • Event Tree Analysis (Fault Tree+) Software package, in-house spread sheet and calculations used to conduct EERA, TRIA, NHHA, ESSA, Dropped Object, Helicopter Impact Study, Flare Heat Radiation, Flame-out Gas Dispersion Analysis

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