NRG Soars to Greater Heights with New Project

In alignment with our “Power to Deliver” motto, NRG Engineering occasionally breaks through the typical service offerings to manage varying client needs.

This month, the team at NRG soared to the challenge of delivering a means to boost the safety of our client, a global security service company’s operations with better surveillance technology. To meet this demand, NRG Engineering worked closely with Vertical360, a group of individuals with expertise in electronic engineering, chip design, software engineering, cryptography, artificial intelligence, and several years of involvement in the design and legislation of multi-rotor autonomous flight systems.

The two partners worked on designing and delivering two drone-like units with the aim of providing extended surveillance capabilities, and with the intention to attain maximum flight-time and operational range, as well as to ensure safety and liability with minimal risks of damaging property or causing injury.

In addition, the Research & Design arm of both companies took into consideration the following objectives to meet the client’s requests:

  • Autonomous aircraft that requires minimal human input while offering a broad spectrum of automated mission capabilities;
  • Customisable to be embedded into client’s existing Operational Protocol;
  • Minimal maintenance requirements;
  • Extensive Failure-Protection through design specifications and critical system redundancies to ensure local operator compliance and minimise accident liability;
  • Overall Platform Versatility enabling the system to be adapted towards a wide range of fluid deployment requirements and regulations;
  • Modular Design Approach – Individual units can be equipped to address operational challenges or overall cost-efficiency.

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