NRG Carries Out HSE Inspections to Mitigate Risks

One of NRG Engineering’s safety management services includes conducting independent HSE inspections and peer reviews on behalf of major oil companies. This is done to evaluate their contractors and affiliates’ existing HSE Management Systems and standards and upgrade them in order to match internationally recognised and accepted levels where required.

Since the first quarter of 2014, NRG has successfully carried out multiple health, safety and environmental general inspections for leading Oil & Gas and Construction players across countries such Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The general HSE inspection aims to investigate the HSE matters as a peer review (not an audit), with the use of guidelines for the respective industry. The inspection focuses on providing recommendations for matters that require more attention instead of providing scores to the contractors’ operations. During the inspection, the team makes observations on the field, conducts interviews with relevant personnel and reviews HSE documents.

The inspection, which is performed at corporate, subsidiaries, projects and asset levels, has been conducted for contractors in the field of shipyards, fabrication yards, offshore and onshore construction as well as for heavy equipment providers.

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