3 Ways To Take Ownership of Workplace Safety

The Ministry of Manpower has urged companies to take ownership of workplace safety in light of the recent influx of various workplace incidents.

As a provider of Safety Management solutions, NRG Engineering places priority in ensuring the safe and secure delivery of all projects entrusted to us by our valuable clients. Aside from being a service provider, our organisation, being BizSafe Star certified, is required to practice what we preach internally first. Needless to say, NRG advocates the importance of adopting workplace safety very strongly.

Although our range of safety services do not include setting standards for office environments, NRG’s safety experts do, however, emphasise that you carry out the following measures in order to take ownership of adapting a safe working environment for you and your colleagues.

1. Start fresh!

Brief your employers on the safety measures that take place at the office as soon as they join your organisation, e.g. during their orientation (day one on the job). All NRG employees are given plentiful information and overviews on how we maintain safety within our premises.

2. Assign Safety Officers

Within NRG, the nominated safety officer is responsible for the following roles:

  • Getting fire extinguishers serviced yearly
  • Ensuring no loose wires of empty boxes are in-sight as these are hazardous and have to be safely kept aside, stored or discarded
  • Constantly monitor First Aid Kit by keeping a record of item used and purchasing items that have run out of stock

It is recommended that you implement a similar standard of operation.

3. Carry out annual Risk Assessments

bizsafe-logoAs an organisation that is BizSafe certified, it is mandatory for NRG to conduct risk assessments along with our entire team to raise awareness on anything that could be remotely unsafe for our immediate environment. We should highlight here that NRG has been practicing this activity even before we received our BizSafe qualification in late 2012.

Conducting such assessments will highlight risk factors faced by the entire team and not only what is seen by the Safety Officer. For instance, two years ago, a few of our peers noted that our chairs were giving us bad postures thus bringing down the company’s ergonomics. Necessary notes were taken down and management was alerted of this. The result? New back-support-friendly chairs for everyone.

For more information on how you can take ownership in keeping your environment safe, read through the standards, codes of practice or guidance issued by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council.

On top of the simple steps we mentioned above, NRG Engineering goes the extra mile by implementing the relevant Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards that we apply when managing safety projects for our clients. The Formal Safety Assessments we write for Offshore Platforms, FPSOs and FSOs provides a thorough understanding of all elements within an operating unit and how safety measures should be considered. In addition, non-technical and technical staff have also benefited from NRG’s vast experience by receiving training on how to gain a deeper understanding of making use of their Safety Cases to ensure a hazard-free work area.

Our organisation is committed to maintaining, promoting and advocating safety throughout our internal and external networks. Should you need any HSE consultancy for your oil and gas or mining related projects, please feel free to drop us a note, anytime!

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